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Agrifac brings sprayers to Canada

This Dutch manufacturer is making a play for a share of the Canadian sprayer market

Dutch manufacturer Agrifac offers two model sizes capable of handling boom widths up to 180 feet.

If you’ve been to the giant Agritechnica machinery show in Germany, you probably noticed Dutch-built Agrifac high-clearance sprayers on display. In the future, you’re likely to see them at North American shows as well. The company has recently decided to strike out beyond the European market. It previously launched in Australia, and now has its sights set on North America, having already sold the first few machines here.

Agrifac offers two base models, the Condor and larger Condor Endurance. The smaller of the two, the Condor, offers tanks sizes of 900, 1,050 and 1,300 gallons (3,400, 4,000 and 5,000 litres), while its big brother can hold 2,100 gallons (8,000 litres). They carry these tanks on the brand’s StabiloPlus, pendulum-mounted chassis that rides on air suspension.

The Condors use the brand’s “StabiloPlus,” pendulum chassis riding on air suspension.
The Condors use the brand’s “StabiloPlus,” pendulum chassis riding on air suspension. photo: Agrifac

The “J-Boom” design is modular, and is standard equipped with a full circulation system. The company claims the Condor lines can handle boom widths up to 180 feet. An optional feature, the HighTechAirPlus system allows for a 50 per cent increase in capacity and can produce the right droplet size without the need to change nozzles. In a company press release, the HighTechAirPlus system is described as “a combination of traditional spraying, air injection and mixing in the nozzle holders. The computer will inject either more or less air to the nozzle holder to create the right droplet size.”

Adjustable track width is standard and ranges from 59 to 181 inches (150 to 460 centimetres). The Condors are capable of working speeds of up to 22 m.p.h. (35 km/h).

The Condor is available in a Clearance Plus version with adjustable ground clearance of 51 to 79 inches (130 to 200 centimetres). That gives it exceptional in-crop clearance but allows for a lower centre of gravity when travelling on roads.

The largest Condor model is the Condor Endurance which carries a 2,100 gallon product tank.
The largest Condor model is the Condor Endurance which carries a 2,100 gallon product tank. photo: Agrifac

For more information go to the company’s website at But you won’t find a dedicated North American page there yet. That’s because all Condors the world over are the same, explains Blijdorp. The company does have a Facebook page that focuses on its Canadian and U.S. activities. Something that will likely appear on that Facebook page in the near future is the demonstration tour of a Condor Endurance model.

Agrifac has one dealer in Western Canada, Prairie Side Equipment Ltd., in Taber, Alberta. And it is willing to talk to others interested in carrying the line, says Rob Blijdorp, the company’s North American rep. But it also takes a direct marketing approach.

“Our sales approach is more direct to the end user,” he says. “This means that if people are interested they can contact me (email).”

In line with that direct marketing strategy, the Condors are equipped with modems so a company technician can conduct a remote diagnosis of any problems that might develop right from the factory in Holland.

“Since the distances are rather big in North America, we created a system (which is also used in other areas in the world) where all our machines will have a modem on board,” Blijdorp says. “Since the data from all the sensors on board will be logged, we can go back in time with the machine and troubleshoot what the problem was. This reduces down time, and we can fix problems from the Netherlands. Or we can guide the end user to the problem so he can fix it himself.

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