AGCO updates its digital product with “Connect”

AGCO Connect offers enhanced features across all brand lines

AGCO Connect telematics’ offering is compatible with both IOS and Android systems.

It’s our next-generation telemetry solution. It’s going to provide a web and mobile interface for our dealers and customers,” said Mike Uilk, AGCO Fuse product specialist in late June. “It’s mobile and web based for IOS and Android.”

This new telemetry solution, which the company is just rolling out, offers the company’s best-yet suite of capabilities, and it gets a new name to go along with it: AGCO Connect.

“We’ve had telematics for a number of years and this is our latest version of it,” he added. “We’ve really upped the ante with new capabilities. The existing customers on Ag Command will continue to use Ag Command but will slowly transition to AGCO Connect. Every new customer will be fired up with AGCO Connect.”

Like competing digital products from other brands, AGCO Connect allows for remote viewing of many tractor functions from a computer or smartphone. And the layout of the online page can be created under any of AGCO’s brands, Fendt, Massey Ferguson or Challenger.

“It allows them to see stuff like the fuel and DEF level, location, working efficiency and much more,” Uilk said. “AGCO Connect will be available as a branded solution, so the customer can pick their preferred brand, such as Challenger Connect, Fendt Connect, etc. It’s also going to provide some agronomic data as well, such as on our harvesters. It has near-real-time remote viewing. There is no limit to how many machines you can register. We’re not going to charge more for more machines.”

For quicker diagnostics dealers can log in to that remote viewing service as well, if a customer allows it, to look for trouble codes, or they can use it to be proactive in maintenance scheduling.

Some existing equipment from previous model years is compatible with the new service; customers who want to subscribe to the new telematics system can go online to, enter their 17-character VIN number and see if their existing machine is capable of using the technology.

“It depends on the platform, what machine it is,” notes Uilk. “We’re going back five or six years, easily. But on some equipment, it’s going to be (only) the last couple of years. Depending on the machine we offer a one-year free subscription, it could be up to three years for others, depending on the platform.”

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