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AGCO strikes for the Pole in a tractor

A team of adventurers drives a Massey Ferguson 5610 tractor to the South Pole

people in Antarctica with tractors

We could make any number of comments about how normal it is for Prairie farmers to operate their tractors during severe winter weather. But for 38-year-old Manon Ossevoort, a Dutch actress and adventurer, driving a tractor through conditions like that was a dream come true.

A few years ago Ossevoort left Holland on a unique adventure, driving a tractor 38,000 kilometres to Cape Town, South Africa. Her dream was to continue on to the South Pole, but without help, that wasn’t possible. After reaching Cape Town, the Massey Ferguson distributor in Holland and AGCO’s European division agreed to sponsor Ossevoort and put together a team of experts and a specially equipped Massey Ferguson 5610 tractor that would get her the rest of the way.

A couple of years later, in late November of last year, she and the team arrived at Novo Base on Antarctica’s coast. The team, which included a couple of Canadian residents, then set off on their 5,000 kilometre trek to the pole and back. On December 9, they posed for a picture at the South Pole marker. A few days later they were back at Novo Base.

Don’t be surprised if you see the polar 5610 tractor — or a stand in — commemorating the achievement at one of AGCO’s farm show displays this season — especially if you intend to go to a European show. For more on the adventure, visit online.

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