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Aftermarket concave wins Innovation Award

Sunnybrook Welding introduces CR Tri-Frame concave for NH combine

concave of a combine

Sunnybrook Welding’s new CR Tri-Frame concave design slashes change-out time by at least half, claims Gerald Foster, the company’s president and CEO. The key, he says, is the modular design.

“So instead of replacing the whole frame, we have a segmented underlay to the concave that bolts in, in three different pieces,” Foster explains. “And each one of those three pieces has three reversible, replaceable segments in it.”

Sunnybrook Welding produces combine components compatible with all the major equipment brands. Their products range from rub bars to concaves to rotors. The modular concave for CR model New Holland combines, which was granted a Sterling Innovation Award at Canada’s Farm Progress Show last June, is just the company’s latest offering.

Sunnybrook’s modular concave design also cuts waste, Foster says. With a typical concave “You throw 500 pounds of steel into the scrap bin for the loss of three or four ounces of mass when we call it dull,” he says. “With this system you’re able to change out a small piece.”

When the people at Sunnybrook Welding started designing the concave, they decided to boronize surfaces instead of chroming them. Boronized equipment wears better than steel and cuts the co-efficient of friction of the concave’s underbelly by about half, according to Foster.

The award-winning concave was designed specifically for New Holland combines, but the “technology crosses over to every combine out there,” he adds. The company is currently replicating the technology for other models.

Farmers can pick up a Sunnybrook concave through most New Holland dealers. For more information, visit

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