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A Simple Cut Through Tangled Crop

Roto-Shear is a simple crop divider, with a rotary blade directly driven by a hydraulic motor. You can install Roto-Shear on the right or left side of a combine or swather header without any major changes. And it adapts to all brands.

The blade rotates at 400 RPM and a brochure says it’s “quiet operating.”

The low-profile and low-mounting Roto-Shear means “minimal stress on the divider board,” says Merlin Badry, inventor and owner of the company. You leave the unit on all the time, but when it’s not in use, you add the divider board extension.

Suggested price is $1,035. Badry has been selling Roto-Shear for eight years, and last year he sold 1,000 units. Badry is in Forestburg, Alta. For more information, call toll free 1-877-582-3637 or visit the website at



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