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Finalists have been chosen for the All-Time Favourite Machine competition

John Deere tractor

Nominations have closed on the Farmer’s All-Time Favourite Machine competition. Your submissions were handed over to the judges, who were charged with the task of selecting three finalists in each category. Picking those finalists was no easy task.

We said at the start of this competition that the judges would take a few of things into account when making their selections. Namely, how many times each machine was nominated. Second, what kind of reputation the machine had. And lastly, how each machine advanced ag engineering design.

Some of those things may be a little subjective, but the judges finished their deliberations and their list is out. Here are the choices and an explanation of why each machine was picked.

The tractors

In the tractor category, we received more nominations than any other. The three choices were the 9030 New Holland bi-directional, the entire Generation II line (30 Series) John Deeres and the Versatile 835 and 875.

The 9030 has long been a favourite of livestock producers and is still in demand as a used machine. Its design is unique, making it a capable machine around barnyards and feedlots.

So many John Deere models in the 30, 40, 50 and 55 Series were nominated, we decided to pick the line that formed the basis of all those models, the Generation II 30 Series. These tractors first introduced the Sound Guard cabs, making operator comfort and safety a key component of their design.

The big Versatiles were serious contenders in the marketplace during their time, and there seems little doubt this brand helped shape the face of four-wheel drive tractors in all brands. The basic driveline components of these models have stood up remarkably well over time and were carried on into the later New Holland models.

The combines

For combines, the MF 410, a radical new design when it was introduced, helped drive Massey’s fortunes forward in the 1960s. The 410 and the later 510 dominated sales in the west and although they debuted in the mid 1960s, there are still a few around.

The N Series Gleaner introduced the unique transverse rotary design that no other brand has yet copied. This type of thresher has gained a good reputation for putting a clean sample in the tank, and current Gleaners are advancements on that original design.

The IHC 1482 brought axial rotary technology to the pull-type segment. By far the most popular pull-type rotary, the 1482 was a common sight across the Prairies.

General machinery

In the general machinery category, a couple of different models of skid-steer loaders were nominated. When the judges looked at all these nominations, they decided to broaden the actual winner description and name the basic skid steer, itself, as a finalist, all brands included.

The Spra-Coupe was one of the most unique machines to hit the market in its day, and it is an early forerunner of the current self-propelled, high-clearance sprayer. It proved to farmers that SP sprayers had a place on prairie farms.

Lastly, the judges felt they had to include an air seeder. This machine revolutionized dry-land seeding. But which one? Again, the decision was made to simply name the machine type and include all brands.

We wished we could have listed all the nominees and let everyone vote on them, but that just wasn’t feasible. So, we hope you see a favourite or two in the list of finalists.

We hope you stopped by the Grainews booth at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina to cast your ballot. Thanks to everyone who shared their favourites with us.

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Scott Garvey

Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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