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Venlaw’s new portable aeration fan

This gas-powered portable fan takes aeration to bins without electricity

Venlaw Manufacturing’s portable aeration fan can replace a conventional 10 horsepower electric model.

Many farms that have grown in size over the years often continue to make use of the remote grain storage facilities they acquired with a land purchase. But often those sites were located on other farmyards, where electricity is no longer available. That means aeration bins can no longer be used without the expense of re-establishing electrical service. And, of course, there are other reasons farms may have bins without electrical outlets nearby.

This past summer Venlaw Manufacturing of Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, introduced a quick way to get remote aeration bins back into service. Their gas-powered fan can run continuously for hours and handle a variety of bin sizes, entirely eliminating the need for electricity.

“It’s made for remote locations, somewhere you don’t have power,” said Tom Dooley, company owner, who spoke to Grainews at his display on the grounds of the Ag in Motion farm show this past summer.

“We have a 16 horsepower V-twin gasoline engine powering what if it was electrically powered would be a 10 horsepower fan. That’s our standard model. It’s putting out 5,850 c.f.m. (cubic feet per minute) at two inches of static pressure.”

“The nice thing is you can run it at a couple of different r.p.m.s. If you had a smaller bin, you could run it at an acceptable r.p.m. That would change the c.f.m.”

When connected to a 5,400-bushel bin, Dooley said farmers could expect to get about 55 continuous hours of operation. For convenience, it can be refilled from a slip tank or even pulled back to a nearby yard fuel storage facility.

“This has a 132-litre tank,” he said. “The way the unit is set up you can just disconnect from the bin and it hooks right up to a quad with a two-inch ball. You can just take it to the fuel tank in your yard, fill it up and take it back to the bin. That’s what we’ve been doing.”

Anyone interested in getting a quote for one of Venlaw’s fans can contact Dooley at 306-383-7191.

“We have a dealer network set up all across the prairies,” he said.

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Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.



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