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Two new Tempo planters

Swedish brand Vaderstad adds new models to its high-speed planter line

A three-point hitch mounted version of the Tempo planter will be available for 2016.

With its purchase of Saskatchewan-based Seed Hawk a couple of years ago, Swedish implement manufacturer Vaderstad has made no secret of its intention to become a bigger player in the North American market. In November at Agritechnica in Germany the brand launched two additions to its line of Tempo high speed planters, which are capable of working in the field at up to 15 km/h.

When its ready for delivery in 2017, the Tempo L will stretch the Tempo planter line into the 12- to 16-row range with a working width of 12.2 metres (40 feet). It can also be equipped with a 141 bushel fertilizer hopper mounted on the front of the frame. The hopper’s low, two metre height is designed to make filling less difficult. The planter can fold down to a three metre width.

Like the iCon system used on Vaderstad’s Seed Hawk brand air drills, Tempo planters use an iPad for implement control too. But the Tempo system is called E-Control. It allows for electronic management of all the drill functions, including individual row unit shut down.

Vaderstad’s new Tempo L planter is available in a 12- or 16-row version with a 40-foot working width.
Vaderstad’s new Tempo L planter is available in a 12- or 16-row version with a 40-foot working width. photo: Vaderstad

The second new addition to the Tempo line is the three-point hitch mounted Tempo V. It’s available in seven different models with working widths from 4.2 to 6.6 metres (14 to 21 feet). The largest version comes as a 12-row, or as an eight-row with 30-inch row spacings. But the brand’s “Powershoot” maintenance-free row units can be moved to almost any position along the planter frame, allowing the Tempo V to handle just about any row spacing a buyer wants, which gives it the ability to plant a broader range of crop types.

Beginning with the 2016 model year, Tempo planters will use an aluminum-bodied metre that replaces the previous composite material construction. It also gets a new hatch, designed to make clean outs easier. The new metre design is capable of handling an even broader range of seed sizes.

The Tempo V is available now. The Tempo L won’t be ready for delivery until spring 2017.

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