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Väderstad widens its planter line

Tempo L series now includes 
an 18-row version

Väderstad widens its planter line

Väderstad has been increased the working widths of its Tempo L planter line to accommodate North American market demand. Now, it has added to the 12- and 16-row units currently available with the new Tempo L 18, 18-row model, which begins production in June.

It can be configured to row spacing as narrow as 20 inches. And that, claims the brand, makes them suitable for use in crops not traditionally seeded with a planter, such as canola.

New cultivator points from Väderstad

Väderstad has introduced a new point for their tine cultivator that is designed to reduce soil clods and leave a finer field surface. The company says the BreakMix point allows for good soil and residue mixing near the surface; but its tip can also break up a hard pan at the same time, allowing for moisture movement through the soil profile.

“Thanks to its unique design, the BreakMix point combines the advantages of both mixing the topsoil and breaking a pan or compaction down to 11.8″ (30 cm),” says Magnus Samuelsson, concept developer at Väderstad. “Since the bacteria and fungi are most active in the topsoil, we want to mix residues in the top 4″ (10 cm) of soil for a faster decomposition. By not mixing in depth, BreakMix avoids pulling up clods to the surface. Breaking in depth further eliminates compactions and pans, while also enabling water transport two ways — both upwards and downwards”.

Shovel aims to reduce soil clods. photo: Vaderstad

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