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Used Versatile tractor selling prices

What's it worth? Here's a look at 2014 auction sale results for a couple of popular, older Versatile models, the 835 and 875

Sales of older Versatile tractors remained relatively common at prairie auction sales through 2014.

If you’re in the market for some older, lower-cost horsepower, one of these Versatile tractors may fit the bill. The 835 offers 230 engine horsepower, and the 875 was rated at 280. Even though these models haven’t been in production for three decades, they were popular tractors in their day, and there were still quite a few crossing auction blocks in 2014. So, the supply remains relatively good and getting parts shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

As usual, we surveyed Ritchie Bros. auction sale results for Canadian sales through 2014 to get a handle on their values. Of course with older tractors, condition and hours on the tachometer are everything. As you would expect, these tractors, like all older machines, sold for a relatively wide range of prices. We crunched the numbers and broke them down into lowest, highest and average to give you an idea of what you’ll need to dole out to bring one home.


The highest-selling 835, at $34,000, was head and shoulders above the pack, which helped pull the average selling price up a bit. Of the seven tractors Ritchie Bros. auctioned off, four sold for less than $10,000 and the other two sold in the mid teens.


The most expensive 875, at $32,000, also stood out among its peers. Of the eight recorded sales, five sold in the $12,000 to $17,500 range and the other two brought $22,000 and $25,500. A couple of these tractors, including the high seller, sold with attached dozer blades.

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