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Two new implements from Bourgault

Bourgault has designed these new tillage tools to work in difficult field conditions

The SPS 360 from Bourgault is designed to be a one-pass system 
capable of dealing with difficult field conditions.

Farmers don’t need reminding that getting crops seeded and harvested in the last few years in many areas has presented some unusual challenges, due to extreme weather. With that in mind, Bourgault has introduced two new tillage implements it claims can help quickly get fields back into condition for seeding: the SPS 360, which it calls a soil prep system, and the XR 770 eXtended Range Harrow.

The SPS 360 is designed to cope with high moisture conditions in fields and leave them ready for seeding with just a single pass. A primary tillage tool built with a 6-inch by 4-inch heavy-duty frame, the SPS 360 is capable of working at 7.5 to 8.5 m.p.h.

It integrates four different ground-engaging systems. First, a row of 20-inch notched, straight coulters placed on 12-inch spacing can cut and size residue. They can be lifted and locked out when not required. Second, heavy-duty shanks with a 1,000-pound trip force are able to penetrate even hard soils. They are arranged immediately behind the coulters to minimize problems with residue collecting on them.

Behind the shanks are sections of three or four-bar harrows with adjustable tooth angles. And finally, 14-inch, spiral rolling baskets leave a firm field finish. The basket down force is adjustable.

SPS 360 machines can be ordered in 40- and 50-foot working widths, and they are available for delivery this spring but only in limited numbers.

Air systems, compatible with Bourgault’s 6000 and 7000 Series air carts, are also available for the SPS 360. photo: Bourgault

The XR 770 eXtended Range Harrow also debuts this year. According to the company, it has improved capabilities compared to regular harrows. It can work in more extreme field conditions and leave a smooth, finished surface. It can also cope with high amounts of field residue.

The XR 770 is a redesigned harrow bar with seven rows of 22-inch tines, and each 10-foot harrow section has 26 inches of vertical travel. One feature that sets it apart from many other harrow bars is the hydraulic in-cab Adjustable Down Force (ADF) system, which ensures even pressure across the entire toolbar regardless of field contours.

It builds on the design of Bourgault’s auto-fold system and double-acting cable design used on the brand’s 7200 Series heavy harrows. 70- and 90-foot models are available in limited release for the 2017 season.

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