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Turning to tracks on your ATV

ATV and UTV track conversions add new abilities

Rubber track manufacturer Camso has been supplying rubber belt tracks to the ag industry for years. Now, they are supplying track systems for recreational off-road vehicles too.

Not too long ago I spoke to my neighbour who told me he just bought a track conversion for his ATV. “I can go where the snowmobiles were getting stuck,” he said proudly. A couple of days later I saw some of his tracks across snow-covered terrain that no wheeled ATV could ever get through.

If my neighbour’s experience is typical, the cost of track conversions may be well worth it for anyone who wants to get much better winter performance out of an ATV. Ranchers and farmers who bale-graze cattle in winter pastures certainly come to mind as those who could use an ATV with the ability to get through deep snow. And unlike snowmobiles that can only function in good snow conditions, a tracked ATV or UTV can operate all year round, with or without the track conversions.

Camso, formerly known as Camoplast Solideal, is offering bolt-on rubber track systems for a wide range of both ATVs and UTVs.

The company claims their ATV T4S track system will fit “99 per cent” of the ATV models currently on the market. And the ATV T4S can be used in all weather conditions, making it a true year-round option that can be left on machines all the time. But owners can easily swap their machines back to wheels with minimal effort whenever they want.

The track system is designed for machines that have a 300cc engine or larger, which is just about every serious machine on the market these days.

Last July Camso also introduced its UTV 4S1 track system for side-by-side UTVs.

The 4S1 uses a new mid-roller suspension system that minimizes vibration, and it uses a lightweight steel frame that adds strength but helps self-cleans snow, mud and debris easily. It also provides for even weight distribution. The new system uses a sturdier tensioner adjustment design and it, too, allows for quick changes between tracks and wheels.

A new track system from Can-Am

This year Can-Am introduced its all-new Apache Backcountry Track System for the brand’s ATVs. According to the company, the new Apache 360 Track System delivers the highest ground clearance, most floatation and best deep-snow performance of any track kit now available.

The two-inch lugs on the 13.5-inch front track and 14-inch rear track supply the traction. The track system requires the installation of an Apache 360 Backcountry Mounting Kit, which is sold separately and is for winter use only.

What does it cost? The Apache Backcountry Track System has an MSRP of US$5,349.99. The Apache Backcountry Mounting Kit costs US$649.99.

New from Can-Am Accessories is the Apache Backcountry Track System, which is available from Can-Am dealers. photo: Can-Am

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