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“Transformer” concept wins award

New engineering design removes 
and re-installs 
duals in seconds

“Transformer” concept wins award

Peecon, Etten-Leur, a Dutch company, recently received a Silver Innovation award from Agritechnica, the giant German farm machinery show, for its “Gull Wing double tire system,” which seems a little like something out of a “Transformer” movie. It will be on display at Agritechnica this month in Hanover.

This automated, quick change system allows a tractor operator to remove and re-install duals in a tiny fraction of the time it would normally take to do the job. But why would you want that ability? Because high-horsepower tractors fitted with duals can easily exceed allowable road transport dimensions in many countries around the world. Removing them between fields could be the only way to get a tractor down the road.


“The new hydraulic folding system is the first system that allows quick attachment and removal of rear dual wheels,” reads the company’s press release. “During road travel, the dual wheels remain on the tractor and are folded up and behind the tractor cab. When the machine arrives in the field, the operator folds down the wheels without having to leave the cab. The duals are then attached to the rear wheels via a special coupling system and the tractor is quickly ready for work.”

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