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New guidance bar and display from Topcon

A new ‘cost effective’ light bar system and ‘Modular’ digital monitor introduced

The new SI-21 guidance bar works with any of the X Family of Topcon displays, including the all-new X35.

If you haven’t made the jump to light speed — figuratively speaking — when it comes to having full auto guidance in your sprayer (or other machine) and don’t plan to have one with that capability anytime soon, this is news you’ll like. In February Topcon Agriculture announced the release of its new SI-21 Lightbar. Designed, the company says, as a “cost-effective, user-friendly product to complement manual guidance, providing users better visibility of steering corrections required to stay on line”.

“The SI-21 Lightbar can be installed remotely by the operator, supporting manual guidance with a better view of needed corrections,” said Nicola Finardi, a vice president at Topcon Agriculture, in a press release.

The SI-21 Lightbar also does a bit more than just point the way. It includes an integrated graphic display featuring the swath number, cross track error, speed, area covered, area remaining, and the master switch.

The SI-21 includes both LED direction guidance 
and a digital graphics display. photo: Topcon

It also includes brightness control for the LEDs, so they’re easy to see, even in bright, sunny daylight conditions. One of the SI-21’s most important benefits includes a straight-ahead or “heads up” view for the operator to steer by, which allows the actual console to be mounted off to the side in the cab.

The SI-21 Lightbar is compatible with the entire Topcon Agriculture X-Family of displays including the X14, X25 and X30 — and now the X35.

In fact, introduction of the all-new X35 display was one of the other news items Topcon had to announce this winter, which it calls the next generation in the X-Family of touchscreen displays. According to the company, it gets “advanced functionality” compared to previous releases.

Designed to be “a modular solution,” the 12.1-inch console runs Topcon Horizon software, providing “icon-based and user-definable views” for a variety of functions and designed to allow easy upgrades.

“The X35 console adds to the Topcon premium range of agriculture solutions, including the user-friendly functionalities that made the X30 a reputable solution in the industry, and offering additional benefits for farmers,” said Markus Kalin, product manager, in a press release. “The new feature, Horizon XTEND, allows users to manage control applications via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.”

The new X35 monitor from Topcon is designed 
to be a “modular” digital solution. photo: Topcon

The Remote Assistance Tool lets technicians log in from any location to help diagnose and fix problems. It also allows agronomists to make cropping decision inputs remotely as well.

With the X35 operators can control multiple camera views simultaneously. It incorporates ISO section control for up to 200 individual sections and can variable rate control up to eight products. And as you’d expect, it transfers data via cloud-based technology.

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