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Titan Tire to build world’s largest agricultural tire

These new low sidewall tires have 1.4 metre tread width

Titan Tire’s LSW 1400/30R46 tires can replace a set of 710 millimetre radial duals.

Radial tire technology has greatly reduced the amount of soil compaction that happens underneath today’s large farm equipment. Building on those refinements, Titan Tire intends to offer producers another tire choice that offers more than reduced compaction, the LSW 1400/30R46. These tires offer advantages in other aspects of field and road performance as well.

Aside from their massive 1400 millimetre tread width that allows a single one of these tires to provide as large a footprint as a pair of conventional 710s, they use a low sidewall profile. That helps reduce power hop in the field and road lope at high speeds.

The LSWs are designed to run on 46-inch rims and replace smaller diameter rims that would be wrapped with higher-sidewall tires. Using a lower sidewall profile is how these tires achieve better performance.

“These are all for 46-inch wheels, taking the conventional 38- and even 42-inch wheels, taking that (higher) sidewall out and putting it on a 46-inch wheel,” says Titan Tire’s product specialist Chase Anders. “That eliminates power hop and road lope. It maximizes the footprint and gets the horsepower to the ground.”

When the big LSWs begin production in a few months, they will be the world’s largest ag tire, according to the company. No retail price has yet been announced for them, but Anders says they should be comparable in price to replacing a pair of conventional 710s.

“It can be very comparable, when you go to change eight tires in a dual setup,” he says. “With this tire you’re able to replace dual 710s.”

The new tires fit into the VF (very high flexion) radial tire category that can work in a lower range of inflation pressures.

“You’re able to run 40 percent lower inflation or handle 40 percent higher loads at the same inflation,” Anders adds.

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