The Nozzle Guy’s top five spray nozzle picks

Tom Wolf’s go-to nozzles are low pressure and low drift

Tom Wolf knows a lot about nozzles. Wolf, also known as The Nozzle Guy, is a sprayer expert and scientist at Saskatoon-based Agrimetrix Research and Training. His go-to nozzles are low pressure and low drift.

“In the last 25 years since these kinds of nozzles appeared on the market, researchers have taken it upon themselves to test the performance of these nozzles because we viewed them as valuable to agriculture,” Wolf says. “We found that these nozzles achieve low drift and excellent pest killing performance [and] there’s no risk associated with adopting them because they work.”

Here are Wolf’s top five options to consider:

Billericay Farm Systems: British manufacturer Billericay makes the BFS Bubble Jet Air Induction Nozzle, which maintains precision spray applications by controlling off-target drift. The nozzles have a pressure range of 2 to 4.5 bars and come in nine size variations.

Greenleaf Technologies: According to the manufacturer, the AirMix low-pressure nozzle offers the most economical solution for drift control. It operates at lower pressures (the optimal rate is 20 to 60 p.s.i.) and fits standard air nozzle caps to provide both drift control and optimal surface coverage. The nozzle is sold in four configurations.

Pentair: The Hypro GuardianAIR is optimized to perform at application rates of 10 gallons per acre, reducing drift and increasing droplet deposits for better performance. According to the manufacturer, it offers better coverage with more drops per gallon than other air-induced spray tips. It is sold in seven sizes. John Deere sells this nozzle under the name LDA.

TeeJet Technologies: The compact design of the AIXR TeeJet Flat Spray Tip was designed to achieve optimal drift resistance without compromising coverage. It comes in nine sizes and operates at pressures between 15 to 90 p.s.i. The material is ideal for applying highly acidic products.

Wilger: Unlike the other nozzles on the list, the Wilger MR is not air-induced; it’s used for pulse width modulation (PWM). It provides good coverage while reducing drift. The nozzle cap fits other Wilger nozzle bodies and comes with a stainless steel tip and snap-in strainer to reduce clogging. Aside from the Wilger line of nozzles, the availability of low-drift PWM-compatible sprays is limited.

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