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Terex introduces Gen2 skid steers

Terex says its newest skid steers offer more than 100 improvements

Terex  introduced  two  redesigned  skid  steer  loaders  in  September. It claims there will be others introduced soon with  larger capacities.

In September, Terex introduced its re-engineered “Gen2” line of skid steer loaders. The brand claims the more than 100 improvements incorporated into the new design were the direct result of customer feedback.

Some examples of those improvements include an improved quick-attach pin profile, a cylinder seal package that includes three additional sealing surfaces to eliminate potential leakage, and wear bands added to reduce side-load strain. Gen2 models also include new high-torque, stainless-steel clamps, upgraded hydraulic couplers, one-million-cycle hoses on all high-pressure applications, new standard and heavy-duty “W” style crimps on loader and drive hoses along with improved O-ring installation processes.

The company says the control layout  of the new Gen2 models is now much more ergonomic.
The company says the control layout of the new Gen2 models is now much more ergonomic. photo: Terex

There are two new skid steers in the Gen2 line with rated operating capacities of 910 and 1,045 kilograms of lift. And it claims additional models with capacities of up to 1,636 kilograms will be introduced in the near future.

The most powerful model, the V230S, has a rated operating capacity of 1,045 kilograms at 50 per cent tipping load (2,090 kilograms). It uses a 60 horsepower, Perkins turbocharged diesel engine with load sensing, variable flow hydraulics. The engine and hydraulic combination on the V230S offers 3,842 kilograms of tractive effort.

The smallest model, the 50 horsepower V200S, has a rated operating capacity of 910 kilograms at 50 per cent tipping load (1,820 kilograms).

The V200S, like its bigger brother, is designed to provide 266 millimetres (10.5 inches) of ground clearance and a 28.4° rear angle of departure, which improves its ability to operate on soft or uneven terrain. If you have to get somewhere fast, the Terex models claim the highest top speeds in their class: up to 20 km/hr.

When it comes to servicing, these models have a tilt-up ROPS to improve access to components and tilt-out coolers. “Mechanical-faced” axle seals help protect bearings.

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