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Summers introduces Spray Fill Xpress

Summers’ new system reduces reloading times in the field

The Spray Fill Xpress from Summers Manufacturing is designed to speed up in-field sprayer refills.

Summers Manufacturing of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, claims its new Spray Fill Xpress system can increase sprayer productivity by up to 82 per cent. It achieves that by reducing sprayer refill times in the field, which means sprayers can spend more time spraying and, therefore, cover more acres in a day.

Spray Fill Xpress uses a chemical batching process and a three-inch plumbing system. That, according to the company, can reduce fill times from approximately 30 minutes to less than seven.

Using a modular design, the Spray Fill Xpress can be customized with three, four, five or six stainless-steel chemical tanks in 40- or 80-gallon capacities for a total maximum capacity of 240 gallons. Chemicals in these tanks can be individually portioned and remain there until drawn into the sprayer. This avoids premixing, which can cause undesirable reactions.

Equipped with available flow meters and scales, the system can help ensure mixtures are precisely measured. The tanks are deep to avoid splash back and have steeply angled bottoms to help with chemical induction and allows for complete drainage.

For easier cleanout of chemical containers, each tank also includes a rinse system. The jug rinse also doubles as a whole tank rinse when the lid is closed to simplify full system clean outs. Additionally, Spray Fill Xpress includes an attached rinse wand for cleaning the tank. And it can also be used for making a slurry during dry chemical induction.

MSRP for the Spray Fill Xpress ranges from US$9,000 to US$18,000, depending on options.

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