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Summers Manufacturing introduces VRT Renegade tillage implement

iControl feature offers adjustable performance on the go

Summers Manufacturing introduces VRT Renegade tillage implement

Summers Manufacturing of North Dakota has added another tillage implement to its “Variable Rate Tillage” equipment product line this summer, with the introduction of the VRT Renegade. It allows operators to change implement performance on the go, using a cab-mounted iPad as the controller

A variety of adjustments are possible, which can be made on the go for quickly adapting to changing field conditions. The adjustments are made in the cab using an iPad, which connects wirelessly to the iControl computer mounted on the implement.

“When we were designing the VRT Renegade, we conducted focus groups to get input from many different farmers in various growing regions who had experience with most tillage tools on the market,” said Bruce Johnson, director of innovation at Summers Manufacturing. “We found a consistent theme that most farmers were continuing to look for a more versatile tillage tool that could be adjusted to produce different results and could work in virtually all field conditions. Even more, they wanted it to work at high speeds and be easy to use. That’s exactly what we created with the VRT Renegade. It can cover a lot of acres quickly at speeds up to 10 miles per hour and produces a great field finish and seedbed.”

With iControl operators can adjust the angle of the front and rear disc blades independently from zero to 19 degrees. That allows the Renegade to switch from light to aggressive tillage, or something in between. In addition to the blade angle, operators can adjust the hitch control to transfer more weight to the front or rear, or they can set the implement hitch to float mode. Operators can also use the iPad to set the tillage depth, gauge wheels, wing down pressure and rolling basket down pressure. Presets can be saved and named for quick recall to reuse common settings.

The VRT Renegade comes standard with an adjustable three-bar harrow and rolling baskets. The rolling baskets use Summers’ internal mud scrapers to prevent mud build-up. They also include hydraulic down pressure, which can also be adjusted on the iPad from the cab.

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