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Seed treatment equipment for large operations

AGI’s new Storm Pro is highway-towable and complies with 
Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association guidelines.

Company representatives showing their farm-scale seed treatment equipment during Bayer’s SeedGrowth Solutions Expo in Saskatoon this spring also had information and treatment systems on display for operations treating larger volumes.

AGI launched its Storm Pro, a new commercial applicator, in 2017.

“It’s fast. It’s designed to go from bin to bin, yard to yard, quickly, efficiently. Treat as fast as you can and move on to your next customer,” said AGI’s Chris Larsen. It can treat 45 bushels per minute.

The Storm Pro is highway-towable and powered by a 34 horsepower power Perkins diesel engine. The mixer and conveyor are hydraulically driven. Users operate the system with a touch-screen control, or through a smart phone or tablet.

Can-Seed Equipment’s Jason MacNevin was showing a new portable seed treater, which was suited to a commercial facility. The LPV will treat roughly 2,000 bushels per hour, he said. The USC brand has offered mobile commercial seed treaters in the past, but this new model gets some changes.

“The previous models had the conveyor coming out the back, which always caused some challenges when loading trucks, if you’re pulling up against a bin row.” The new model has a new conveyor system that swings out the front, making it easier to pull a Super B alongside it.

It also comes with an auto-tilting drum to hold the seed in for a few extra seconds. “As the run starts taking off, it’ll level off,” he said.

When the run is close to finished, the drum will decline, to make clean up easier. The new model also includes clean-outs at the bottom of all the conveyors, to avoid contaminating the next run.

Darryn Thiessen of FarmChem said KSI’s Portable Seed Applicator is geared toward seed retailers and custom seed treaters. The unit comes with two 60-gallon seed treatment tanks. Surge hoppers feed seed into the KSI applicator. Thiessen said they’ve put together systems with eight chemical tanks, but the equipment design can accommodate up to 15.

The portable seed applicator can treat as much as 2,500 pounds of pulses or soybeans per minute, or 2,200 pounds of cereal seed per minute.

Graham Seeding Treating Systems of Olds, Alberta, also offers systems for larger operations, including some municipal seed plants in Alberta.

Company rep. Brian Ellis said they can pigeon hole applicators from the firm’s G40 or G3 systems into just about any large-scale situation, then marry up the handling equipment to get the seed to the treater. Some plants have doubled up the G40s, so they can treat 90 to 100 bushels per minute.

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