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Section control on BBI spreaders

Salford’s BBI dry spreaders can now work from prescription maps

At last year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show, Salford Group announced it had acquired spreader manufacturer BBI and displayed one of the brand’s models at its exhibit for the first time. In February, Salford announced BBI dry product spreaders will now be available with a section control feature to minimize overlap. That, says the company, will help producers avoid spending money on unnecessary inputs.

“Section control is not new to BBI equipment,” said Richard Hagler, president of the BBI division of Salford Group, in a press release. “We’ve been building models that can spread a full swath or manually turn on and off left and right side for the turf and orchard/vineyard markets for over 15 years. What makes this new section control option such an advance over other machines on the market today is the ability to dynamically stop in an already-applied area, to turn on or turn off the left and/or right side of the spreader rather than a mechanical switch the user must operate.”

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The feature will also help avoid broadcasting product outside field boundaries, into buffer strips or waterways.

Section control will only be available on a limited number of models this season, including the Javelin with a 120-foot spread capability for urea and the MagnaSpread, which has an 80-foot reach.

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