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On-farm fire protection

Small system can be placed inside a workshop or on a truck

The Anderson Pump House fire-fighting system on display at the Ag in Motion farm show in July could handle a pretty significant blaze.

The workshop has become the heart of many prairie farmyards, and loosing one to fire would be a major disruption. Considering the risk of fires starting in mechanical workspaces is very high, everyone should give some thought to preparing to deal with one.

With the amount of flammable liquids and other substances inside modern farm shops, a regular five- or 10-pound fire extinguisher may not be adequate. Anderson Pump House Ltd. of Saskatchewan had a fire-fighting system on display at the Ag in Motion farm show in July that could handle a pretty significant blaze, and it’s suitable for all Class A and B fires. It’s also still small enough to be portable.

The Fire Caddy DC1205 runs off of a 12-volt battery, which comes with a plug-in wall charger, so it could be kept fully charged and ready if placed inside a building. But with 12-volt power it could also be mounted on a machine or service truck, making it capable of dealing with equipment fires in the field as well. It delivers six gallons per minute at 110 p.s.i., but that can be boosted to 8.2 at 175 p.s.i. It has its own water reservoir as well as a five-gallon foam retardant tank.

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