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Power Pin Inc. expands product offering

Power Pin, known for its innovative tractor hitch design, is now offering a line of quick-connect hitches for on-road applications.

For over 25 years, Power Pin Inc. has been building tractor-implement hitches. Now they’re offering a new line of products, under their Hit-N-Hitch division, for trucks and trailers.

“It’s a complete on-road system for trucks and trailers,” says Gary Wilson, sales manager for Power Pin’s Hit-N-Hitch division. “Everything we learned in the last 25 years on the ag side of it from making tractor hitches, we’ve taken and put (it into) the on-road.”

The Hit-N-Hitch line includes straight pintle hitches that connect with a ring to the trailer. They also offer ball-ring combos that will work with either type of trailer.

Wilson says they’ve taken the drop-pin system from their tractor hitch design and applied it to a trigger system on trucks where “as soon as you back up, you’re locked in. We’re offering one pass, but we’re saying it’s one safe pass,” says Wilson.

Power Pin is known for its ag division, which founder and president Brian Olson launched after inventing a drop-pin hammer strap and three-in-one hitch in the 1980s. Today, the Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask. company is the largest supplier of tractor-implement draw bar hitching components.

Olson picked up a Best New Invention award at Canada’s Farm Progress show in 1988 for his tractor hitch system. And he was back in the spotlight this year, where he snagged a Gold Innovation Award at the same show for the Hit-N-Hitch products.

“So 26 years down the road he’s back at Farm Progress Show, and Power Pin’s super excited about what’s going to happen in the future,” says Wilson.

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