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Now it’s “smart” tires?

Nokian Heavy Tyres adds digital tech to its Intuitu tractor tires

“Inutitu” digital system from Nokian Heavy Tyres of Finland allows data from sensors in ag tires to relay real-time data to a smartphone app.

With the dashboards on modern pickup trucks displaying real-time tire inflation pressures, we’re used to the idea of getting that kind of data in a vehicle. But Nokian Heavy Tyres of Finland has taken that idea one step further with its Intuitu system, calling it the “first step towards digital, real-time tire management.”

Rather than for use in on-road vehicles, the Intuitu system is designed for ag tires. The first version of the sensors will send out tire pressure and temperature data. The company press release also suggests tread depth data could be available in subsequent digital releases.

Sensors installed in the tires send real-time data to an app that can be installed on a smartphone or other device. Eventually, the company envisions combining its technology with the on-board systems already used in ag equipment, so the sensor data could be displayed on a standard machine monitor as well.

The company says it is rolling out Intuitu for ag tires, but it intends to expand that availability in the future.

“We have aimed to make the system plug-and-play,” says Toni Silfverberg, head of sales and marketing at Nokian Heavy Tyres. “You just buy the tires, install the application and you are good to go.” The system will be available in agricultural and contracting tires at first, but Nokian Tyres aims to extend digitalization to its entire commercial tire range.”

The company notes that more and more attention is being paid by producers everywhere to the effects of tire pressure on tractor performance and soil issues like compaction.

“The optimal tire pressure prevents damage to the soil, which can improve crop yields,” says Silfverberg. “It is also linked to the tire rolling resistance, which has a direct effect to fuel consumption.”

Because Intuitu allows operators to keep very close tabs on what’s going on with tires, Nokian will extend tire warranty by an additional year for those who register to use the Intuitu system.

Intuitu will be commercially available in 2020.

“Many people still see tires as ‘just’ tires — a piece of rubber between your machine and the ground,” Silfverberg points out. “With Nokian Tyres Intuitu, your tires are no longer forgotten pieces of rubber, but smart, active components they rightfully should be.”

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