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New UTVs from John Deere and Can-Am

Two brands increase their side-by-side offerings for 2016

John Deere has introduced another Gator, the crossover XUV590i, which is available in two- or four-passenger configurations.

In January John Deere added another model to its Gator line of utility vehicles. The XUV590i is described as a “crossover” that can get you down the road at 72 km/h and also haul or tow a reasonable load.

Under the hood, or more accurately, under the seat is a 586 cc, 32 horsepower, liquid-cooled inline twin-cylinder gasoline engine. That gives the XUV590i model a respectable load capacity of 363 kilograms (800 pounds) and a trailer tow rating of 499 kilograms (1,100 pounds). The larger four-seater XUV590i S4 has a 544 kilogram (1,200 pound) load rating and tows the same 499 kilograms (1,100 pounds).

The four-seater version loses about an inch of ground clearance, clearing 9.3 inches (23.6 centimetres).

Deere says 75 attachments can be mated to the Gators or additional lighting packages added. The XUV590i models come with an 875 Watt, 65 amp alternator. The new Gators use an isolated driveline along with sound-deadening material. The engine drinks from a 7.4 U.S. gallon (28 litre) fuel tank.


The new Can-Am Defenders are available in four models.
The new Can-Am Defenders are available in four models. photo: Can-Am

At its dealer convention in September, BRP added a workhorse-style side-by-side to its Can-Am product line. The new Can-Am Defender Series offers four models, but none with four-seater configurations.

BRP claims it re-engineered its Rotax engine specifically for the Defenders in order to improve their torque and ability to work hard, rather than just go fast like BRP’s customers want to do in its other products. The HD8 and HD10 V-twin engines produce 50 and 72 horsepower respectively. BRP claims the HD engines produce 20 per cent more torque than competitors’ engines and do it at lower r.p.m.

To help deliver that torque, the Pro-Torq CVT transmission includes a low gear option. And the drivetrain has the brand’s 4-mode Traction System, including rear differential lock.

Defenders have a pretty significant 1,500 pound (682 kilogram) payload rating (up to 1,000 pounds, or 454 kilograms in the cargo bed) and trailer towing hits a whopping 2,000 pounds (909 kilograms). They can haul that across some uneven terrain with 11 inches (28 centimetres) of underbody clearance and 10 inches (25.4 centimetres) of suspension travel.

And when it comes to options, it’s even possible to get a Defender fitted with rubber-belt track systems on all four corners.

For 2016, BRP is offering a promotional 36-month limited warranty on Defenders.

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