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New subcompact tractors from New Holland

Workmaster 25 and 25S join 
the small tractor line up

The Workmaster 25 and the smaller 25S joined New Holland’s sub-compact tractor line in February.

New Holland has strengthened its product offerings in the sub-compact tractor segment. In February the brand announced the addition of the Workmaster 25 and smaller 25S models.

The 25 gets a three-cylinder 24.7 horsepower diesel engine mated to either a 12 X 12 gear transmission or a three-range hydrostat. It is capable of delivering 7.9 g.p.m. (30 l/m) of hydraulic flow to an implement and the category one three-point hitch has a lift rating of 1,808 pounds (820 kilograms) at the ball ends. It also has a 540 r.p.m. PTO shaft.

The more compact 25S uses the same three-cylinder diesel and a hydrostatic transmission, but it has lower specifications ratings in almost all categories except horsepower. It is a heavy version of a lawn tractor, and it might be best to describe it as a lawn tractor on steroids. Available in four different configurations, the 25S can still be fitted with loader or small backhoe attachments and offers a rear PTO and three-point hitch.

The compact 25S has a more compact chassis and lower specifications than the 25, but offer the same engine horsepower. photo: New Holland

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