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New loaders from the CNH brands

Range of sizes available for 
both NH and Case IH tractors

13 models of the new LA Series loaders are designed for New Holland T5 through T8 tractors.

New Holland has beefed up its line of front-end loaders this year with the introduction of the LA Series. With 13 different models in all, these loaders are designed to fit all the brand’s tractors in the T5 through T8 Series.

Aside from strengthening the overall loader design and including arm profiles up to 80 millimetres in width, the LA models use a more efficient hydraulic system that generates less heat, which includes enhanced hydraulic components like larger diameter, high-flow cylinders and hoses that better match the higher hydraulic capacities of its current tractors.

LA loaders also offer the Soft Ride system, which smoothens out the ride for lifted loads. It does that with accumulators that dampen loader arm bounce during travel. The bucket roll back angle has also been increased, allowing it to carry more material.

At the same time, the arm designs have been modified to allow for even better forward vision from the operator’s seat when they’re in transport position (about 17 inches off the ground).

Case IH, New Holland’s sister line, has also introduced its version of the new loaders, calling them the L10 Series. The red brand will offer six different loader sizes designed to mount on Farmall, Maxxum, Puma and Magnum tractors.

Case IH will offer six models of its L10 loaders designed to mount on tractors from the Farmalls through to the Magnums. photo: New Holland

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