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New Holland joins the autonomous field trials

This T4 tractor will be used in NH’s autonomy field trials in 
a California winery.

Back in 2016, at the same show Case IH unveiled its autonomous Magnum, New Holland held a similar press event pulling the wraps off its version of an autonomous tractor, the NHDrive T7. The idea, according to the brand was to ”illustrate possible row crop applications” with that model, which unlike the Magnum included an operator’s station so the tractor could function in both autonomous and conventional modes.

This year, the blue brand has launched its own new pilot program that parallels that of its red sister brand’s using one of the marquee’s specialty models, a T4.110F designed for vineyards. This machine will work on the famous E and J Gallo Winery vineyard in California

Unlike Case IH’s pilot project that sees most of the autonomous work done in broad-acre operations, this one will focus on a full range of vineyard maintenance and crop production tasks. New Holland says this will provide feedback to further develop autonomous operation in a broad cross-section of activities in vineyards and other types of farming as well.

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