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New Holland debuts the FR920 Forage Cruiser

New Holland’s new forage harvester uses 
FPT’s new 20-litre diesel engine

New Holland recently introduced its largest self-propelled 
forage harvester so far, the FR920 Forage Cruiser.

Big power has always been a requirement for forage harvesters, and New Holland’s newest self-propelled model, the FR920 Forage Cruiser, gets its horses from a new 20-litre diesel engine called the V20. It’s built by sister company FPT (Fiat Powertrain), which supplies all the engines for NH and Case IH equipment. It’s called the V20 because of its displacement, not the number of cylinders, and it puts out 910 horsepower at 1,800 r.p.m.

With that much available muscle, the FR920 will take over the flagship spot at the top of NH’s forage harvester line up. Compared to NH’s other models, this one gets a beefed up driveline to handle all that horsepower, and that, claims the company, now puts its machines on “a level playing field” with those high-capacity models from other brands.

There is a new feed roll module and drive, which is designed to handle increased feeding rates. It uses more durable components such as heavier teeth, has more aggressive tooth shapes for feeding improvement, and it gets larger bearings and shafts to allow the machine to swallow more crop material than its little brothers.

Marketers say the FR920 uses an “in-line concept” that relies on an efficient direct driveline to transfer power from the V20 diesel to harvesting components and to the drive axle — or axles if buyers choose the mechanical four-wheel drive option.

Engagement of the new heavy-duty four-wheel drive on the FR920 is controlled by the standard Terralock feature, which automatically activates and deactivates the four-wheel drive axle depending on the steering angle setting. It’s designed to minimize damage to field surfaces during headland turns.

A new 910 horsepower 20-litre diesel from FPT drives the new FR920. photo: New Holland

New Holland is introducing the new DuraCracker and DuraShredder heavy-duty crop processing systems on the FR920. The DuraCracker system has been designed for the FR920 with reinforced frames and an eight-groove belt drive to better deliver uniform kernel cracking and cope with high throughput.

The DuraShredder uses 110 or 138 tooth rolls with additional spiral grooves that can shred corn stover and still deliver more intensive kernel processing. The hard, chromed rollers on both processors are the widest on the market, according to the brand. For specialized processing, the DuraCracker is also available without rolls to allow for a locally fitted solution.

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