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New grain storage products from GSI

A new high-capacity bin and belt conveyor are the latest from AGCO’s GSI brand

The VersaLoop offers easy maintenance and can move up to 6,000 bushels per hour.

AGCO’s grain storage and handling brand GSI had a couple of new products to introduce at the U.S. Farm Progress Show in Iowa last August. It added a new 40-Series, four-inch corrugated high-capacity grain bin and VersaLoop round tube chain conveyor to its list of products.

GSI carried forward some of the features of the 2.66-inch corrugated 40-Series bin, which it launched in 2013, and integrated them into its new 4-inch corrugated bin line. The new design allows bins to be built taller than the 2.66 version yet sit on a smaller footprint. Diametres range from 30 to 72 feet; and they can be built up to 21 rings high, providing a maximum capacity for the new 40 Series of 282,000 bushels.

New four-inch corrugated 40 Series bins from GSI offer up to 282,000 bushel capacity on small footprints.
New four-inch corrugated 40 Series bins from GSI offer up to 282,000 bushel capacity on small footprints. photo: AGCO

“We now have a much more comprehensive bin offering along with additional features, such as 2-ring walk-through doors,” says Greg Trame, GSI’s global product manager for storage.

Roof panels on the new 40 Series have been redesigned, and the bins are also available with the optional Z-Tek roof that can withstand higher snow loads. They have larger flat tops and are rated for up to 50,000 pounds of peak loading to accomodate a wider array of handling equipment.

The new 40 Series bins also use an updated, rolled structural base angle that prevents water from entering at the base of the bin, and base stiffener boots that are powder-coated so they won’t rust. “These and other upgrades bring farmers many of the same rugged features that were originally designed for commercial bin environments,” Trame adds.

The new modular VersaLoop round chain conveyor can move up to 6,000 bushels per hour on inclines of up to 60 degrees with a minimum of supports.

Trame says installing the VersaLoop conveyor is an easy way to replace an auger. “It’s quieter, doesn’t wear like an auger and also moves grain more gently and efficiently,” he says. “And, with its round tube design, it offers excellent clean-out compared to loop conveyors with square boxes.”

The company claims the VersaLoop offers easy maintenance, because it uses a direct drive system with no belts to repair or replace. Also, the motor, gear box and chain take-up are all located at one end of the tube, providing easier access than loop conveyors that have these service points at both ends.

For more information go online to GSI’s website.

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