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New Fury high-speed tillage implement

Versatile’s new high-speed disc implement will be available this spring

The new Fury high-speed implement from Versatile joins the vertical tillage Viking in the brand’s implement line. The company debuted the Fury at the Manitoba Ag Days show in Brandon in January.

“A lot guys don’t want to run 4.5 or five miles per hour like a traditional tandem disc does,” explains Trevor Jubinville, Versatile’s tillage and seeding product marketing manager. “They want a tool that’s simply more productive and that means going faster. That’s what this machine will do. The Fury is a high-speed compact disc. It’s going to move lots of soil, lots of residue. It works 2.5 to five inches deep. It will manage residue, but you can run eight to 10 miles per hour.” It can flex side-to-side as well as fore and aft to better follow ground contours.

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The Fury uses two rows of independently mounted discs followed by a soil reconsolidation attachment to leave a firm field surface behind it that is less prone to erosion. It is available in 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-foot working widths, and it folds up to just under 12 feet wide and under 14 feet high for easy transport.

“We give you a choice of blade size,” adds Jubinville. “Our base blade is a 20 inch with a four-bolt bearing hub. We offer a 22-, a 24- and a 26-inch blade. With a 22 and large blade we go to a six-bolt hub with a heavier bearing. We offer three different choices of finishing attachment on the back.”

The Fury uses a full-floating frame design, so it will float front to back. And the wings will flex up and down to contour over rolling terrain.

“It’s available in a limited release for 2018,” he says. “So we’ll have units available for spring.” The Fury will also be distributed under the Farm King brand as the HS8500.

The “Fury” high-speed tillage tool made its first public appearance at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon.
photo: Scot Garvey

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