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New fertilizer applicator from Summers

tool can 
incorporate up to three types of product simultaneously

The VT Flex applicator from Summers is custom built to match the exact needs of a producer, according to the company.

For those who want to incorporate fertilizer other than during seeding operations, North Dakota’s Summers Manufacturing has introduced a new machine to the marketplace to help accommodate that: The VT Flex applicator. It’s a fully customizable fertilizer applicator, according to the company, that will allow placement of up to three fertilizer mediums (dry, liquid and anhydrous ammonia) at high rates simultaneously. And it can do it at speeds up to eight miles per hour.

To cope with fields that have a heavy trash cover, the VT Flex applicator uses a front row of coulter blades, which can be ordered with one of five different blade options. The low-disturbance application knives can be configured for 15-, 20-, 22- and 30-inch row spacing. And placement depth can be adjusted separately from the coulters depth. Behind the knives, independently mounted disk levellers can be adjusted to optimize soil sealing.

The VT Flex applicator is compatible with most makes and models of air carts capable of applying up to 700 pounds (318 kilograms) of granular fertilizer per acre. Anhydrous ammonia tanks can be pulled behind the unit. It can also accept almost any liquid fertilizer tank setup from pull-behind carts to tractor saddle tanks.

The applicator offers a machine-levelling feature, which allows for tool-free adjustments. And it has a single-point setting for depth control. It’s currently available only in 60-foot working widths with green or red paint to suit your preference. According to the company, all VT Flex models are custom built and they can only supply pricing information once all options and features are figured in.

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