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New loader from JCB

Designed for farmers, new articulated loader gets more lift capacity

The TM420 will get heavier axles than the smaller 320 version the brand already offers.

JCB has always had a prominent display at Germany’s Agritechnica machinery show. Last November it used that event to debut a new machine it thinks will be of interest to farmers on both sides of the Atlantic: the TM420 articulated, telescopic loader.

“Currently we sell a smaller machine in North America, the TM320,” said Joe Eddleston, JCB product manager, while standing beside the new loader at Agritechnica in November. “This is like the next step up for those that want increased capacity. The TM320 today is a very popular machine with beef and dairy farmers.”

But marketing staff at JCB apparently heard feedback from farmers who liked the articulated design of the TM320, with it’s centre-mounted cab and telescopic boom but needed more lift capacity.

JCB is launching the TM420 in 2018, which will be a bigger brother to the TM320 that has been popular with farmers. 
It offers centre articulation and a telescopic loader. photo: Scott Garvey

“(The TM420) is designed for those who want to load large-scale diet mixes on large dairy or beef farms,” Eddleston added.

So the new machine builds on all the features of the TM320 but provides more lift and reach and puts it on a stronger chassis. The TM420 can lift 4.1 tonnes and has a maximum lift height of 5.4 metres.

“You get the benefit of a wheel loader with a telescopic arm to get that reach capability and lift height,” he added.

Underneath the rear hood is a 145 horsepower JCB Ecomax diesel that routes power to the wheels through a 45 km/h six-speed powershift transmission.

“It has larger axles, obviously it’s carrying more load than the TM320, so a lot of the machine has been beefed up or scaled up in size,” Eddleston continued. “We’ve gone to a 26-inch wheel, where the smaller (TM320) machine is on a 24 inch.”

The new loader also gets larger pins and bushings throughout to handle the extra strain. And hydraulic performance gets an upgrade as well.

“We have a 160 l/m load-sensing piston pump to deliver fast cycle times to the loader end,” he added. “We have a regenerative hydraulic system, where the boom cycles a lot faster.”

All the maintenance points have easy access. For example, the engine and hydraulic oils can be checked from ground level. But for those who frequently forget to do a daily walk around, the machine will take care of that itself.

A centre pivot point allows all four wheels to follow the terrain on 
uneven ground. photo: Scott Garvey

“When the machine is started in the morning, it will effectively do its own daily checks,” Eddleston explained. “So you don’t even need to open the hood. It’s a way to get the machine up and running faster. And various people tend not to check them these days.”

The TM420 will be available through Canadian dealers later this year.

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