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More new products from John Deere

The green brand adds new implements and updated technology to its line up

More new products from John Deere

Although the new S700 Series combines were the flagship machines in John Deere’s May launch of new products for 2018, there were several other additions on display at a debut event in Moline, Illinois. Here’s a look at what else the green brand pulled the wraps off.

Frontier equipment

Deere’s Frontier brand equipment line grows for 2018 with two new additions: a new vertical tillage implement and a three-point hitch mounted sprayer. Marketing reps see these products appealing to smaller-acreage producers or others who want smaller equipment to deal with localized problems larger machines can’t easily handle.

The LS11 Series of three-point hitch mounted sprayers debuts with available boom sizes ranging from 25 to 40 feet. They incorporate some of the features available on larger pull-type sprayers, including breakaway booms and optional foam markers at the ends. Booms come standard with single nozzle bodies; although, triple nozzle bodies are available on the 40-foot boom.

x photo: Scott Garvey

Two different tank sizes are available, 250 and 300 U.S. gallons. The tanks have a teardrop shape, which allows the liquid to fully drain. That shape also places most of the weight closer to the rear of the tractor to reduce stress on the hitch arms. Fluid pumps can be ordered with either PTO or hydraulic drive.

An in-cab rate controller gives the operator the ability to make spraying adjustments or turn each side of the boom on or off for a measure of section control.

Also debuting under the Frontier brand is the VT17 vertical tillage tool (see photo at top of page), which is available in working widths of 10 to 15 feet. It can run through the fields at speeds up to 10 m.p.h., and the disc gang angles are adjustable from 0 to 12 degrees. Depth settings can be fine tuned using a pin-and-clip adjustment system. Disc blades of 20 or 22 inches are available.

Horsepower demands for the four VT17 models ranges from just 85 to 150.

Planter technology

Both of Deere’s MaxEmerge 5e and ExactEmerge planters get an improved digital component for 2018 with SeedStar 4HP. It works through the Gen 4 CommandCenter 4600 display in the tractor to provide better monitoring of planter functions and performance. Multiple bar charts can be viewed simultaneously, and it has a “zoom” feature for detailed row-by-row information. Like much of Deere’s latest digital products it is customizable and gets simplified, more intuitive screen formats. Operators can also save configuration settings from one season to the next.

SeedStar 4HP also includes the new Easy Fold feature to make getting the planter ready for road transport an easier task. SeedStar replaces the previous manual frame-fold box by controlling and automating flow through the tractor SCVs.

The mobile row-unit runoff feature allows for diagnostic and calibration checks through the use of a mobile device.

x photo: Scott Garvey

4640 universal display

John Deere has added the new 4640 display monitor to its digital hardware line up this year. The 4640 is meant to be a lower-cost option that will allow producers to retrofit older tractors and get the benefit of more up-to-date precision farming practices.

The 4640 supports the most common John Deere applications, including AutoTrac, documentation and section control. It includes more on-screen help functions and diagnostic information to help operators. I also has a simplified work setup app, which Deere claims reduces the typical amount of time it takes operators to get set up.

The monitor also has an on-off button on the back so it can be turned off or rebooted without having to shut down the tractor. It is fully compatible with John Deere tractor models going as far back as the 30 Series.

x photo: Scott Garvey

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