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New Loftness fertilizer spreaders

12-ton models designed for both fertilizer and lime

A new 12-ton spreader model from Loftness is
available in either a fertilizer or combined fertilizer- and lime-spreading version.

Loftness Specialized Equipment recently added two new 12-ton spreaders to its FertiLogix product line: the FB1210 and L1230. The L1230 is designed for both lime and fertilizer. Both are variable rate ready with hydraulically driven conveyors and spinners.

Both models use dual stainless steel spinners that the brand claims produces a highly consistent spread pattern. The stainless steel hoppers have smooth interior walls with 50-degree slopes, minimal flat surfaces and no internal gussets or plates to accumulate material and help prevent corrosion. They also have a 41-inch frame clearance and variable tread width from 80 to 120 inches. A 90- to 152-inch wheel spacing is optional.

The FB1210 fertilizer spreader offers a 40- to 90-foot spread width. It includes dual stainless steel conveyor chains with optional two-section control for independent adjustment of the right and left sections. The L1230 lime spreader features a 24-inch belt-over-chain conveyor design for handling lime, but can also be used for fertilizer applications. It offers a 20- to 60-foot spread width for lime and a 40- to 90-foot spread width for fertilizer.

Other standard features on both spreaders include 380/90-R46 tires and an adjustable hitch. Options include an automatically controlled spinner drive, integral scale, steerable hitch, dual wheels, multiple tire choices and a roll tarp.

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