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Kubota digs into tillage offerings

The orange brand adds compact discs to its growing implement line

The CD2000 Series high-speed discs are the heaviest of two models lines introduced under the Kubota brand.

With its acquisition of the Norwegian implement manufacturer Kverneland, Kubota has been steadily integrating that company’s equipment to its own product line, particularly hay and forage equipment. And in some cases, such as with the newest Kubota round baler offering, it’s the result of expanding the original Kverneland lines in order to cater to North American demand for higher capacity.

“We’re working at integrating a lot of their product line into the orange-coloured line and having Kubota-branded equipment,” says Travis Grubb.

At the company’s display at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario, in September, was an example of one of the newest Kverneland implements to be incorporated into the Kubota brand. Two compact disc tillage implement lines are now offered with orange paint. And the heavier CD2000 Series models will have an appeal to prairie growers, with six models that offer working widths from three to seven metres (approximately 10 to 23 feet).

“We just launched this last fall,” says Grubb of the CD2000 Series. “Its optimal speed is around 10 miles per hour.”

Five different packing options are available. photo: Scott Garvey

The CD2000 models use 60-centimetre (23.6-inch) notched discs on 9.6- or 9.8-inch spacing. And horsepower demands range from 90 to 400.

“We have adjustability on the discs,” adds Grubb. “As the discs wear we can move the gangs so we can get a good cut instead of having to replace the discs. We can reduce the angle and get the same cut.”

At the rear of the discs, the brand offers five different packing options for different field finishes.

“We have several options for packers, depending if you want to use it as a primary or secondary till,” says Grubb. “We’re starting to build up stock, so you’ll see it at dealers a lot more. We’re doing lots of demos with it to show customers what it’s capable of doing.”

The CD2000 Series offers hydraulic or manual depth control. photo: Scott Garvey

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