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Kubota expands its sub-compact tractor line

Brand adds four new BX80 Series diesel tractors to its range of offerings

Four new BX Series sub-compact tractors from Kubota offer some high-end 
features and a three-cylinder diesel engine. 

Most farmyards have a lot of grass to cut to keep things tidy around all the buildings. Cutting those areas can often be a tough job for run-of-the-mill lawn tractors. That’s where the much more sturdy sub-compact tractors on the market today really shine. They rely on more robust drivelines and are really miniature ag tractors. Recently Kubota has announced it’s ramped up its offerings in the 18 to 25.5 horsepower range of sub-compacts with four new BX80 Series models.

They are the latest iteration of the BX Series, which was first introduced in 2000. These tractors get three-cylinder diesels under the hood that supply the higher torque numbers you’d expect from a multi-cylinder engine. They’re mated to the brand’s hydrostatic transmission for infinite speed settings up to a top speed of 13.5 km/h, and a four-wheel drive system delivers that power to the ground.

For those small materials handling jobs, like filling potholes in the farmyard driveway, the BX80 models can be mated to the LA344 “Swift-tach” front-end loader, and a new four-point front hitch comes ready to connect to front-end attachments like dozer blades or snow blowers. The power drive system up front can be connected with just the push of a lever.

At the rear, hydraulic SCVs use the updated flat-faced couplers that don’t leak as easily as other styles and can be connected under pressure. They can deliver up to 23.5 litres/minute of hydraulic flow. The tractors also offer a live PTO, and to keep the engine running longer, these new machines get a 23-litre fuel tank.

These tractors bring down many of the kinds of features you’d expect to find on larger tractors, like power steering, cruise control, tilt steering wheel and a high-back seat with armrests. And there is, of course, a cup holder and a 12-volt charging port.

The BX23S model is designed to work with an attached rear backhoe.

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