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John Deere upgrades its digital product offerings

The brand’s online Operations Centre gets enhancements 
to expand functions and make it more user friendly

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In February, John Deere announced some improvements to its suite of digital products. Among those were a software update for GreenStar 3 2630 monitors that provides a 20 per cent boost in processing speed. And the Machine Sync application gets expanded functionality, allowing two machines working in the same field to better share prescription map information.

Deere’s online cloud-based Operations Center, which was introduced last fall and accessed through, sees some changes as well.

Laura Donaldson
Laura Donaldson photo: Scott Garvey

“This year we’ve added a lot of (Operations Center) functionality that’s going to help users analyze their data in a more user-friendly experience,” explained John Deere’s Laura Donaldson during an interview at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in February. “We’ve really thought about what is the most intuitive way to find information about your field. So we’ve done some user interface enhancements.”

The MyJohnDeere operations centre is an online portal that allows customers to store and access both their machine and agronomic information in one place. Producers can use the centre to keep track of their fleet through features like location history as well as see some machine diagnostic information.

“The operations centre takes all those files, processes them and puts them into the boundaries on a screen so they (farmers) can see yield information, see a weather overlay, and analyze that yield information,” Donaldson continued. “The same goes for planting information. They can see their as-applied rates and use that information to make actionable decisions.”

If you use the operations centre to co-ordinate and store your data, you can now share that information with your agronomist, who doesn’t need to be a John Deere customer to access the centre. He or she can set up an account at the operations centre and look at any data you allow them to.

“You can also partner share,” Donaldson said. “Let’s say you have an ag service provider you want to partner with, or your John Deere dealership, you can partner with them on the operations centre and create that virtual relationship so you can file share without having to run USB drives across the county.”

To get information uploaded to the operations centre, farmers have a couple of choices.

“You could use wireless data transfer,” said Donaldson. “You could upload through a USB drive or through the MyJohnDeere data management tool.”

Using the operations centre is currently free; however, if producers want to transfer information wirelessly from a machine through JDLink Connect, there is a subscription fee for that.

“The MyJohnDeere operations centre is currently free of charge, there is a subscription cost for JDLink Connect, but you don’t need JDLink to utilize the operations centre,” Donaldson said. “It just brings that data into the operations center wirelessly.”

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