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New John Deere guidance receiver

Deere introduced the StarFire 6000 receiver in June, along with announcing the availability of the SF3 enhanced-correction signal.

John Deere has again updated its satellite guidance product line with the introduction of the StarFire 6000 receiver and new SF3 signal correction. In a June press announcement, the company claims these new product offerings will give customers “greater precision capabilities, accuracy and uptime.”

“The StarFire 6000 Receiver offers a full range of differential correction levels, from the base SF1 satellite-delivered signal to the premium RTK option,” explains Mike Moeller of John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group, in that announcement. “And to optimize the performance of the StarFire 6000 receiver, we’re offering the all-new SF3 correction level, which delivers 40 per cent greater pass-to-pass accuracy, new in-season repeatability and 66 per cent faster pull-in time than the previous SF2 correction level.”

And if you haven’t already invested in an RTK system, the green brand claims the StarFire 6000 is capable of “RTK-like” accuracy.

“StarFire 6000 with SF3 is a great solution when RTK is not available and customers want in-season repeatable accuracy to 1.2 inches,” adds Moeller.

New guidance algorithms give the StarFire 6000 the ability to track up to three StarFire satellite signals at once, choose the one that will deliver the best performance, and automatically switch to an alternate to help maintain accuracy and performance if the primary signal is blocked.

The 6000 gets an improved Rapid Recovery feature, which allows for a quicker return to high-accuracy performance if the GNSS signals are lost due to shading from trees, buildings or terrain.

In addition, the StarFire 6000 has a built-in USB port to more quickly install software updates, cutting that time down to about three minutes compared to more than 20 with the previous receivers. It also has a built-in 8GB data logger for improved trouble shooting and diagnostics.

Deere says the StarFire 6000 remains a “plug-and-play” receiver, making it compatible with current and former displays as well as other technologies customers are using on their equipment. Producers who already use a StarFire 3000 and SF2 signal can upgrade their equipment this season.

The StarFire 6000 will be a factory-available option on 2017 model year Deere equipment.

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