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John Deere introduces new C650 air cart

The new model fills fast, calibrates easily and provides consistent product delivery

The C650 Air Cart can be ordered in either tow-behind or tow-between configurations.

Small-grains producers and custom growers have a new option for air carts. John Deere announced it has added the C650 Air Cart to its lineup of air seeding equipment.

Until now, producers had to choose from John Deere’s 550- or 850-bushel air carts, leaving a gap in the market for those who needed an in-between option. Ryan Hough, marketing manager, planting and seeding for John Deere, believes the C650 hits the “sweet spot” for farmers who need productivity in a smaller package.

“Our C850 Air Cart has great technology but it was designed for the biggest of the big farmers with 10,000-acre operations,” Hough says. “With the trends in Western Canada, we knew that operators needed to increase productivity and get more done in a day. Operators loved the technology of the C850 but it was too big for their operations.”

The C650 Air Cart is available in both tow-behind and tow-between configurations. One of the most exciting high-tech features on this “smart cart” is ActiveCal, an on-demand calibration feature that gives operators the ability to automatically calibrate meters from the touchscreen display in the cab. Each of the four tanks is equipped with a tank scale and camera, which minimizes downtime from stopping to recalibrate. All four tanks can be filled in as little as 20 minutes, according to Hough.

Other integrated John Deere technology included in the C650 Air Cart includes SectionCommand to minimize overlaps and skips and improve seed and fertilizer application; and AirPower 2, dual fans (one each for seed and fertilizer) to deliver consistent product rates across the full width of air seeding tools.

The C650 is compatible with select hoe drills and no-till drills. photo: John Deere

John Deere outfitted its newest air cart with several features from the C850 Air Cart, including hydraulic rear disc brakes and digital tank air pressure monitoring. RelativeFlow blockage sensing, which allows operators to see the flow rate of seed and fertilizer from the in-cab display, a popular feature on the C850 model, is also included on the C650 Air Cart.

“[RelativeFlow blockage] sensors give you the confidence that you’re putting the right amount of seed and fertilizer down on the field,” Hough says.

Unlike the larger model, Hough notes the C650 is compatible with more tractors (and also works with select hoe drills and no-till drills). The smaller size makes it easier to pull, allowing operators to maintain speed over tough spots in the field.

The C650 Air Cart is compatible with competitive tools and tractors.

“We always want to sell John Deere tractors first but we know there are a lot of situations where [producers] are happy with their current equipment and need an air cart,” Hough explains. “The technology from our air cart can be put on any colour of tool or tractor.”

John Deere will start taking orders for the C650 Air Cart on June 1, 2020, and start shipping them in the fall.

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