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AGCO debuts “Class 8” baler

Hesston by MF baler offers high density and large capacity

The new 2370 UHD square baler from Hesston by Massey Ferguson is the first Class 8 model the brand has yet produced.

In February, AGCO announced it had established a system of categories to define square baler capacities. It has divided balers sizes in to eight classes. The square baler classification system uses rated plunger load to define each one. According to the brand, plunger load was chosen because it is the most measurable factor impacting the density of the finished bale.

Also in February, the company announced the release of a new large square baler that fits into the highest of those categories, Class 8. First unveiled to the public at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, the 2370 Ultra High Density baler wears the Hesston by Massey Ferguson brand.

With 20 per cent more bale density than AGCO’s previous flagship baler model, the 2270XD, the company claims that makes it the only large square baler in the industry that fits into Class 8. By packing a lot of material into a very dense bale, brand marketers think the 2370 UHD will have a strong appeal to those who export hay or need to transport large amounts of biomass material.

To crank out 3′ x 4′ square bales with that density, the 2370 UHD uses a faster, 15 per cent heavier, more powerful plunger that operates at 50 strokes per minute. It throws a maximum-load capacity punch of 760 kN, which is 63 per cent more than the 2270XD’s plunger was capable of.

A sturdier main frame was required to handle all that stress, and the new OptiFlow pickup that pulls swaths up off the ground uses five bars with 80 tines, that’s 25 per cent more than any previous Hesston pickup design.

The main driveline uses three clutches, including one of the flywheel with an auto reset function that avoids the necessity of having to replace a shear pin after an overload. The plunger needle slots have brushes to remove debris before needles enter the six knotters, allowing the knotters to work better and tie more consistently.

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