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Jack allows for safe, heavy lifts

New heavy equipment jack design takes the risk out of raising heavy equipment

The Heavy Equipment Jack from Eastwood Products is designed to improve safety when raising heavy equipment.

It’s common to find tractors and heavy machines inside farm shops and even dealership service bays jacked up and resting on a stack of wooden blocks while mechanics work underneath them. Sometimes that blocking doesn’t look very safe.

Louis Sigouin and Dan Edwards of Eastwood Products in Arborfield, Manitoba, have developed their Heavy Equipment Jack to deal with exactly that problem. Meant to be used with a hydraulic or air-over-hydraulic bottle jack, the Heavy Equipment Jack is capable of locking a machine in a raised position so it can be worked on safely.

The HEJ is built with twin sections of square tubing that each have a 70,000 pound crush rating, so its maximum weight load is only limited by the rating of the hydraulic bottle jack used with it, according to Sigouin. Once a machine is raised high enough, locking pins can be set on the HEJ so the load can be removed from the hydraulic jack and held solely by the HEJ.

The company was displaying the HEJ at the Ag in Motion farm show near Saskatoon in July, and the jack was entered in the innovation awards competition.

A pair of Heavy Equipment Jacks (without a hydraulic bottle jack) retails for $1,650.

H2O First-Pro System

Eastwood Products was also displaying its H2O Fire-Pro system. Designed to be mounted on a grain cart, the water tank and 12 volt pump is capable of putting out small field fires before they get out of control.

“It’s always the grain cart driver that finds it first,” said Edwards. So the company came up with the idea to develop this system to equip carts as first responders.

The H2O Fire-Pro includes a 35 gallon poly tank, 12 volt 5 g.p.m pump and 30 feet of regular garden-style hose along with the wiring necessary to connect it to the tractor’s electrical system. It retails for $695.

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