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GSI introduces FlexWave

Inflatable liners clean out bin floors

GSI’s FlexWave inflatable liner pushes grain toward an auger trough, eliminating the need to manually enter bins to clean them out.

Imagine an easier way to clean out flat-bottom grain bins. GSI was demonstrating its new FlexWave technology in August at the U.S. Farm Progress Show in Illinois as an entirely new and easy way to do exactly that. According to the company, FlexWave is a new alternative to the common grain bin sweeps, brooms and shovels that require some — or a lot of — manual effort.

The system uses two large liners that alternately inflate and deflate, pushing the remaining grain in a bin to a centrally located conveyor trough for removal, without the need to physically enter the bin.

A control system automatically senses the amount of grain and shuts off when the process has been completed. There are no exposed mechanical components, making the system convenient and reliable.

Each inflatable liner can unload more than 100 tons of grain using less than one p.s.i. of air pressure. The liners are constructed of commercial-grade material designed to last more than 30 years under normal conditions. In addition, they can easily be repaired with a simple glue patch in case of accidental puncture. The system’s low-pressure operation makes it gentler on grain than traditional options, protecting grain quality, according to the company

Field trials are now under way, and the first market-ready FlexWave offering is planned for 2018.

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