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GSI introduces a “Quiet” grain dryer

GSI, a division of AGCO, used the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, to introduce its new grain dryer, dubbed the Quiet Dryer. The company claims it is up to 50 per cent quieter than the majority of axial-vane fan models now on the market. They add that it is also quieter and more energy efficient than centrifugal fans.

GSI thinks the Quiet Dryer will appeal to anyone who is sick of listening to the constant drone of fans at harvest time. And that could be especially useful to those who have neighbours close by.

To achieve the lower noise levels, the fan uses fewer blades to create less noise, and a less-open design and heavier-duty construction to muffle sound. The dryer was field tested through 2015 and 2016 on farms in both the U.S. and Canada. For 2017 it will be offered in 12- to 26-foot single heater, single module versions.

In a press release announcing the Quiet Dryer’s introduction, Jarod Wendt, GSI grain conditioning engineering manager, noted that some competitive portable dryers offer reduced noise. But they often do so by sacrificing efficiency or capacity. In contrast, he says, the GSI Quiet Dryer fully maintains grain quality, dryer capacity, flame quality and a proper air-heat mix for efficiency.

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