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Ford offers optional switch packages

Ford Raptor and Super Duty trucks can be ordered with a factory-installed set of auxiliary switches for aftermarket accessories.

Want to install an additional driving light on your new truck, or maybe a bunch of them? How about an electric winch?

If you like to boost a truck’s abilities by adding electrical aftermarket accessories, then Ford’s Upfitter switch package is something you may want to consider adding to the options list if a new Raptor or Super Duty truck is in your future. The Upfitter switch group adds $150 to the window sticker total, but it may be well worth price.

The option puts six auxiliary switches into the roof console, which allows an owner to more easily add aftermarket electrical accessories. New components can then be wired directly to the switches. So there is not need to worry about cutting up a new dash to find a place to install additional switches.

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“Around half of all fatalities involving (heavy) trucks could be avoided with the use of a seatbelt. It’s vital that every new generation of drivers understands how important a safety feature it is.” — Volvo Trucks website

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