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Flying Solo: the new AGCO craft

AGCO takes to the air, introducing its own UAV designed for field scouting

In August AGCO surprised a few people by introducing its own UAV, the Solo AGCO Edition, which is a rotary craft designed for field scouting.

“We thought through everything a farmer needs to not only scout their fields, but also collect useful data beneficial to managing their farm and improving yields and efficiency,” says Jeff Punter, manager of purchasing for AGCO Parts in a press release.

The Solo uses cloud-based, high-resolution mapping software and what the company claims is “intuitive mission planning,” which in plain language means the UAV is easy to use.

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“The Solo AGCO Edition is our field mapping solution for the everyday farmer,” adds Darren Parker, director of sales and marketing for AGCO Parts. “You do not need to be tech savvy to operate this UAV, you just need to be able to press ‘launch.’”

The Solo can fly in winds up to 25 m.p.h. and has a maximum speed of 55 m.p.h. Each of its four batteries, when fully charged, allows the Solo to cover up to 60 acres, depending on conditions and user-defined settings. The average maximum flight time is 20 minutes. So the Solo can scout a total of 240 acres in one trip to the field without the need to recharge its batteries.

Images captured by the Solo are maintained in the cloud. (That does seem appropriate for an aircraft, doesn’t it?) Live flight data, including the battery life, altitude and distance from home, are all streamed to the operator’s controller in real time. It is equipped with auto takeoff and landing, as well as emergency in-air brake and return-to-home features.

With the Solo kit, buyers get all the necessary hardware and software, including in-app training.

Suggested retail price for the Solo AGCO Edition is US$5,999.

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