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Fendt 900 Series tractors offer updated features for 2014

AGCO included its German-built Fendt tractors 
in a product demonstration day in Minnesota

photo: scott garvey

When AGCO invited members of the farm media to its Jackson, Minnesota, tractor and sprayer assembly plant to look at new equipment, it didn’t limit what was on display to only machines built in there. Management also wanted to show off the newest models in its German-built Fendt tractor line, including a 900 Series tractor in the group of machines gathered in a field near the factory.

Early in 2014, the company announced improvements to 900 and 800 Series Fendt tractors. So far these two model lines and the smaller 700 Series Fendts are the only ones available in Canada, but the company has promised to soon make the new, smaller 500 Series and the very-high horsepower 1000 Series just introduced in Germany available here too.

The S4 versions of the 900 and 800 Series are the Tier 4 Final engine emissions-compliant models.

“We are utilizing a Deutz 7.0 litre engine with the Fendt 900 Series that features a dual-stage turbocharger with a heat exchanger,” says Conor Bergin, high-horsepower tractor marketing manager for AGCO. “What that allows us to do is operate the tractor at lower engine RPMS but with higher torque. With the 900 Series we’re offering four models in Canada from 270 to 360 horsepower,”

Fendt remains the only brand in the AGCO stable that doesn’t use the company’s own AGCO Power diesels. Despite that, the company has been very vocal about the fuel efficiency of the Deutz-Fahr engines under the hoods in their dark green German tractors.

“Something Fendt is known for is the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry bar none when compared to any other tractor of this size,” says Bergin. “Fendt continues to win awards for lowest cost of ownership and lowest fuel consumption.”

“What we’re doing with our Fendt 900 to meet Tier 4 Final regulations is unique to the industry. We have a combination system where we’re using our patented SCR technology along with cooled EGR. In addition to that we’ll be using a coated soot filter. It’s maintenance free and it allows us to reduce the amount of DEF consumed, reduce the amount of exhaust gas that has to be recirculated, and at the end of the day reduce customer expenses.”

Other features

And aside from fuel efficiency, the Fendt brand is also known for including other cutting edge features.

“Fendt is always forward thinking and has come to the industry with a lot of firsts,” he adds. “One of those is something we call Vario Grip. It will allow us from the terminal up in the cab to adjust tire pressure. It’s very advantageous for customers from a performance standpoint.”

Inside the cab, the Vario Terminal gets another round of digital updates. The 10.4-inch monitor is now a little slimmer and is certainly able to walk and chew gum at the same time — figuratively speaking. It can handle up to four different tasks simultaneously.

“It’s the only true four-in-one terminal in the industry that will allow you to use up to four different features,” says Bergin. “It’s a sleek screen design very similar to what we’re used to with iPads or iPhones. We also have a new backlit feature we call night mode.”

For a video look at the new 900 Fendt, visit the EquipTV page.

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