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Retrofit kits from Deere

ExactApply upgrades available for 2014 and newer 4 Series sprayers

John Deere’s ExactApply nozzle control 
system is now available as a retrofit kit for 
2014 and newer 4 Series sprayers.

In 2016 John Deere introduced the ExactApply nozzle control system as a factory option for its 2018 model year sprayers. Now, it’s making them available as retrofit kits, which can be installed on 2014 to 2018 model year 4 Series machines. That, says Deere, will allow owners of those machines to take advantage of the greater accuracy and better overall control of spray applications allowed by that technology.

ExactApply provides for Pulse Width Modulation (30 hertz pulsing) and automatic A to B nozzle switching from the sprayer cab. The system also offers operators turn compensation, individual nozzle on-off control, and smart diagnostics to improve, monitor and document sprayer applications at the nozzle.

The retrofit kits include new ExactApply nozzle bodies, new electrical boom harnessing to power and control the nozzles, and a higher capacity alternator for the machine to cope with the additional electrical demands. The upgrade is compatible with all R4030, R4038 and R4045 models equipped with stainless steel plumbing and steel booms, regardless of the boom width.

Doug Felter, product marketing manager for application equipment, said in a press release that machines refitted with the ExactApply kits should perform exactly like those models equipped with the system at the factory.

“Due to the ever-increasing demand for greater precision, control and documentation of spray applications, ExactApply has rapidly become a very popular option on new 4-Series Sprayers,” he added.

Deere’s ExactApply retrofit-equipped sprayers also offer full variable-rate functionality at the nozzle level, even when turning. The kit also includes LED lighting on each individual nozzle for easier monitoring of the spray boom at night.

“ExactApply nozzle control is fully integrated with SprayStar and the GreenStar2630 or 4600 CommandCenter display, making it compatible with the entire suite of John Deere precision and data management,” said Felter. “Large producers and ag-service providers will see significant improvements in spray performance, coverage and accuracy, especially on hills, turns, point rows and irregular shaped fields.”

This year ASABE (the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) awarded Deere an AE50 Award for the ExactApply system.

Starting March 1, 2018, retrofit kits became available for customer orders through Deere dealers.

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