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Elmer unveils its biggest grain cart yet

Elmer’s Manufacturing’s newest cart has a profile with greater capacity and sophisticated technology

The Haulmaster 2000 has a high capacity 24” diameter unloading auger that can be positioned from 30 to 60 degrees.

[UPDATED: Mar. 15, 2019] With 40 years of experience in the farm equipment manufacturing business, Elmer’s Manufacturing of south-central Manitoba has unveiled its largest and improved grain cart, available for the 2019 harvest season.

With a nearby diesel tractor running, the front-end loader was raised to draw back the large white tarp to unveil a gleaming red Haulmaster 2000 Grain Cart at the recent 2018 Agri-Trade Farm Show in Red Deer, Alta. The 2,000 bushel-capacity, track grain cart, available in a range of colors, has retained many of the key features producers appreciate in other models of the Haulmaster series, says Mike Friesen, vice president of Elmer Manufacturing. And it also features several design and operational improvements that will help farmers get more crop off the field faster.

Equipped with a high capacity 24″ diameter unloading auger that can be positioned from 30 to 60 degrees, the lower-profile Haulmaster 2000 is just the latest and largest of the cart series Elmer Manufacturing has designed and marketed over the past 10 years. The 1,100-, 1,300-, and 1,600-bushel Haulmaster carts are also available in the product line.

“In today’s farming, the grain cart has become a key piece of equipment and in some cases the only piece of equipment that can get grain, oilseed and pulse crops off the field,” says Friesen. “This 2,000-bushel capacity cart has been in development with extensive field testing for the past three years. We invest considerably in research and development. We didn’t want something that was just another ‘me-too’ product, yet we also wanted something that was simple, durable with increased grain handling efficiency.”

The Haulmaster 2000 cart is just the latest in a long line of equipment developed by the Altona, Manitoba-based company over the past 40 years. Also included in their product line is tillage, ditching, fertilizer, and other harvest equipment. While company founder, Elmer Friesen admits he spends more time farming these days than he does getting involved in the day-to-day operation of the company with 100 employees and markets in nine different countries, he says he is always interested in seeing how new equipment performs in the field.

“Technology today has really changed farming,” he says. “And there is still plenty more to come in terms of improved performance and greater automation. We’re starting to see it already, but one day these things will drive themselves.”

Adopting new technology was top of mind with the redesigned grain cart, says Mike Friesen.

“From our first Haulmaster grain cart leaving the door in 2010, we had already started planning the big changes we’d like to see and it’s great to see the evolution from that vision become a reality,” he says. “Our team was always looking for ways to improve our products, but at a certain point there are physical limitations of what you can do. Haulmaster PRO helps the operator surpass these limitations by adapting the hydraulics to maximize efficiency.”

The two main control systems on the Haulmaster carts include Haulmaster CONNECT “the brain of all electronic features” with a controller on the cart that connects the scales, and GPS. Using a supplied computer tablet, it also connects to Haulmaster PRO — the electronic components used by the operator to optimize unloading with simple design features.

The new cart itself weights about 30,600 pounds, is just under 14 feet wide and at about *11 feet in height to the top of the tank is actually eight inches shorter than some previous models. The lower profile improves manoeuvrability and also improves stability on varying field terrain.

Other key features noted by the manufacturers — the adaptive auger fold/unfold technology. It only takes 15 seconds to fold and unfold the auger, but with the Haulmaster PRO system, the auger fold starts slow, speeds up to maximum hydraulic pressure and then slows down for a soft ending.

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Other improvements

Along with a completely redesigned frame and tank to provide an ideal balance of height, length and width, there are several other improvements in this new Haulmaster 2000 grain cart.

Powermaster direct drive gearbox:

  • Direct drive gearbox (compared to previous belt driven designs)
  • Enables overall cart height to be lowered by up to 16”
  • Increases unload capacity at same horsepower
  • Accommodates higher horsepower tractors
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Physical horizontal auger disconnect, if necessary

Hualmaster Connect:

  • Information stored on grain cart controller compared to in cab device (tablet), continues logging data in the event of tablet failure
  • Direct scale connection for detailed load tracking and scale diagnostics
  • GPS module to track load locations
  • Direct power connection through seven-pin plug
  • Turn-key package with tablet and window mount

Haulmaster Pro:

  • Industry leading adaptive vertical auger fold/unfold speed
  • Double tap controls to fold/unfold
  • Physical joystick control of auger flow gate, auger vertical pivot, auger fold/unfold and four-way spout
  • Four-directional spout with proportional joystick control
  • Spout auto-return to home upon auger fold

*[Update] A previous version of this article stated an incorrect cart height. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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