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Deere introduces SeedStar Mobile

Deere introduces SeedStar Mobile

In conjunction with the launch of its new planter row units, John Deere also announced the pending release of the SeedStar Mobile app for iPads, which is designed to allow operators to better visualize, document, and access their planting data in real time. The company expects it to be available in time for the 2015 planting season.

According to Mike Brandert, senior product manager at John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, SeedStar Mobile feeds real-time, row-by-row performance data wirelessly to an iPad that can be located inside the tractor cab, in the farm office, or anywhere else. “With SeedStar Mobile, producers can instantly monitor planter performance,” he says.

Depending on the configuration of the planter, the system collects data and monitors population, singulation, seed spacing, downforce, variety, and ground speed, on a row-by-row basis. SeedStar Mobile captures this information and stores it on an iPad by working in conjunction with the GreenStar 3 2630 Display and SeedStar XP or SeedStar 3 HP on the planter. This information can be used to help optimize planter settings, diagnose potential problems, scout fields, and provide decision support in other areas of the farming operation. SeedStar Mobile also transfers the planting data to the Operations Center in MyJohnDeere directly from the field while planting or from the producer’s office using WiFi or a cellular connection.

“By utilizing SeedStar Mobile on an iPad, it gives producers easy access to their planting data and provides the mobility they need to view the data at any time or place,” adds Brandert. “Also, by sending the data to MyJohnDeere, it gives producers the ability to synchronize information between mobile devices and share data with trusted agronomic service providers. All of this enables the producer to improve planting performance, increase productivity, and maximize the yield potential of their crops.”

Watch for Deere to release more information about SeedStar later this year.

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